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About Us

Coda Commerce

Coda Commerce’s first application was a small but advanced solution to process job updates and proof of deliveries in any data format. Our POD-Wizard application transmitted the processed data into backend systems drastically reducing time spent on manual data administration. From this application, seen as remarkable by those who subscribed to it in 2002, our business has grown to offer a whole range of Courier & Logistics solutions:

Courier Navigator

Courier Navigator Mobile

Courier Navigator Depot

Coda WMS (Warehouse Management System)


Mobile Applications

Our clients enjoy our personable manner and our positive outlook, we support companies of all sizes large and small.

Our ethos: To continually develop our software to further the scalability of our client’s business and improve work place efficiency.

Coda Commerce Ltd is an independently owned business; we pride ourselves on being a neutral provider of software to a competitive industry where the security of client information is paramount to the success of any business.

If you wish to learn more about Coda Commerce and our array of products, contact us to arrange a meeting: 01344 42 35 13