About Us

A brief history of Coda Commerce

Coda Commerce have been writing cloud applications since 2000, our first venture in to Courier and Logistics was in 2002 with our pod-wizard application, which is still used to this day, we have been developing and evolving software solutions aimed at courier, transport and logistics companies ever since.


It all started back in the year 2000. Once the dust had settled from the Millennium Bug and we knew it was all a big fuss about nothing, we went into business writing cloud applications to help businesses work faster and smarter.

Two years later, we made our first venture into courier and logistics software with our POD-Wizard application. This data management tool is still used to this day, and we’ve built on its success by creating software for courier, transport and logistics companies ever since.


Coda launched the TMS and driver-tracking software Courier Navigator. This cloud-based application was originally adopted by same day couriers, and new releases opened up parcel and express functionality. It gives same day, overnight and international couriers complete control over their fleet from a standard PC browser.


Progression never comes from standing still, so we moved to a new office near Colnbrook in Berkshire. Around the same time, we introduced the Courier Navigator Android app for driver handsets, which opened our software up to clients keen to stay in touch with their drivers on the go.


Another office move (this time to bigger and better premises in Bracknell) coincided with a refreshed company branding to reinforce our new foray into logistics. Having identified a shift in localised courier companies maintaining client stock and managing on demand fulfilment, we launched a warehouse management application called Coda WMS. This integrates into Courier Navigator to give couriers the ability to manage their stock and same day deliveries all in one window.


Our software suite expanded with Routedog, an application that manages driver runs in the most efficient route order, with projected ETA and delivery windows to keep customers happy. Routedog integrates with Courier Navigator and Coda WMS on desktop and through mobile apps, giving couriers a way to provide the best possible service for their clients.


Coda Commerce continue to grow and innovate through the pandemic by providing our Navigator, Navigator Mobile and Routedog applications to support one of our clients tasked with managing the huge pressure of working on the UK Testing Program for the DHSC. Back in March 2020, Coda worked as part of a team to create rapid solutions to respond to the increasing pressures of the pandemic enabling a technical solution to cover more than 10’000 courier movements per day, this solution is still in place as of March 2022 as we hopefully move past the covid world. At the start of 2022 Coda Commerce release new products to benefit our clients and support the services they provide.

If you wish to learn more about Coda Commerce and our array of products, contact us to arrange a meeting call 01344 23 12 41