Configuration Area


Control Panel

Courier Navigator has an extensive set up area for building all relevant sameday, overnight and international tariffs. Our country configuration allows for the Courier Navigator application to match your international export service levels.

The setup of the entire system is managed from the Control Panel, from operator access and user permissions to the look and feel of emails sent from the system to your clients.

Multiple Offices

Companies who are multi office can bring online new offices by the create new office tools in the Control Panel of Courier Navigator. Offices can be self-controlling by despatching their own work to their own drivers, or the work can be despatched through a head office controller who is able to despatch across the entire network.


Courier companies who franchise their operation can utilise the create new office tools to open up new offices.  Each office can be assigned with geographic coverage areas.

Head office accounts department manage centrally the billing for each office, where invoices runs can be raised by the business as a whole or by office.

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