Customer Service


Courier Navigator ensures your customer service team can easily access accurate information at all the stages of a shipments lifespan. From job booking through till invoicing, automated tracking statuses, live transit time information and job pricing mechanisms, this means your customer service team can book, price and inform clients with accurate collection & delivery information at the touch of a button.

Sameday Bookings

Integrated in to Courier Navigator is PAF (Postcode Address File) and powerful routing software to ensure bookings can be taken quickly and return accurate mileage journey information.

For couriers dispatching across London with bikes and small vans through to light haulage deliveries across the UK, our sameday screen is a powerful, flexible and easy to use.

Domestic Overnight Bookings

Integrated with PAF data, our overnight booking screen can cater for the wide range of overnight services your company offers. Courier Navigator can be configured to automatically price the buying cost and selling charge for each service you offer.

International Export Bookings

Courier Navigator can be tailored to service every country, town, timed delivery where you supply a service. All destinations can be configured with accurate transit time information which can factor in bank holidays and weekends. The buying costs and selling charges for every destination can be pre-determined to ensure your customer service team can provide all the accurate information to the client at time of booking.

International Import Bookings

All your imports can be priced up through the system, tracked, and once the job is out for delivery can be completed with signature capture via our PDA handsets if you are delivering the consignment in your own vehicles. A flexible and configurable part of the Courier Navigator application.

International Point to Point Bookings

When booking point to point deliveries the system has a dedicated screen to allow complete flexibility without having to pre-configure routes and tariffs for bespoke consignments. This ensures any job can be created, tracked and billed with ease.

Distributions / Manifest Uploads

We believe this is a true success story within the Courier Navigator system, utilised in the wholesale environment to cut down on manual data entry of job bookings, to the retail courier environment of job distributions and import manifests.

Our uploading system is an intelligent and flexible booking system, which can book & manifest hundreds of jobs within minutes. A demonstration of this module is highly recommended by the companies who already utilise it.