Want easy access to accurate information at every stage of a job’s lifespan? Join the 100+ retail and wholesale courier companies who use Navigator for their same day despatch, domestic overnight services and international express deliveries.

The system lets you and your team manage everything from job booking to till invoicing, automated tracking statuses, live transit times and job pricing at the touch of a button. You can keep your customers updated at all times too, with up-to-date collection and delivery information which can be communicated live as real time events or as part of our comprehensive reporting functionality.

Navigator has web APIs for booking and tracking with a wide range of integrator and parcel operators, as well as industry specialist wholesalers. Check our Integrated Carriers for more information.

Need API connectivity with your clients to accept booking data, we can help.

The software is developed in-house, where we do all our own development. This means we can keep improving the application and mould it around your changing business needs.

Cloud Hosting

Navigator is operated from our London data centre. The facility is equipped with 24hr in site security, our staff are able to access the facility 24hrs a day.

Power to the data centre is supplied off grid by two separate providers, the power supply enters the data centre at opposite sides of the building to lower possibilities of any power interruptions. In the event of power outages, there are four on site generators to provide continuous on site power supply, they are able to run for more than 24hrs before refueling.

The data centre floor is kept at a constant temperature of 18 degrees, the fire prevention systems are gas and our servers are all stored within our cabinet space in a locked caged area.

Coda Commerce are operating two independent 100MB Internet feeds, to maximise speed we have a direct Level 3 connection and for redundancy we utilise a multi loom peering network.

Within the data centre we also have spare dedicated back up servers in case of hardware failure and a storage array server for data backup.

Hosting business critical server equipment at a high specification data centre is within the business model of large blue chip organisations, this too should be in your business model.

For further information on functionality and pricing please call 01344 423513 or email