Remote Driver Network

Fixed fleets aren’t the only way of doing business anymore, so the Navigator Mobile app can be downloaded by any sub-contracted driver for free. Through the Remote Driver Network, you can send any driver work, whenever the jobs come in, and wherever they are.

Are you a Driver or Courier?

Make yourself available for work through our Remote Driver Network by downloading the Navigator Mobile app and running it on your smartphone. Just search Navigator Mobile in Google Play or iTunes and download it free.


Are you a Navigator user?

Traditionally, retrieving PODs from deliveries made by sub contracted driver involved waiting for a verbal POD, text message or email. Using the Navigator RDN setting on the driver, this enables sub contracted drivers, whom you may only use once, access to the Navigator Mobile application.

Drivers using the Navigator Mobile application:

  • Real time tracking for controllers
  • Job acknowledgement
  • On route to collection
  • Package on board
  • POD with signature capture
  • Message system
  • Single POD Capture for multiple shipment deliveries at a single location
  • Take pictures of the Goods condition or safe place location for delivery


For further information on setting this up please contact 01344 23 12 41