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Coda Commerce

“Previous to operating the Courier Navigator application, we had various systems in place for operations, drivers handsets and accounts, these systems did not integrate with each other and resulted hours of reprocessing data. Now we are using the Courier Navigator application, this manages all our bookings, controlling, driver handsets and billing, we upload our sales invoices in to Sage and raise our driver statements for driver pay. We have become more efficient in all departments and have adjusted well to a new way of working.”

Joel McCormack – Director

Team Global has been using the Coda Commerce Courier Navigator system since February 2011. The Courier Navigator system has allowed Team Global to continually win new business with the ability to provide the following to our clients:


  • Speedy and simple online booking system
  • Real time tracking
  • E-mail updates (status or proof of delivery)
  • Integrator interfaces
  • Distribution upload function
  • Least cost routing
  • Warehouse scanning
  • Driver PDA’s with signature capture


The above is only a fraction of what the Courier Navigator system can offer. Team Global are looking forward to our continued relationship with Coda Commerce.

Martin Lovell – General Manager, Team Global

“We were first introduced to Coda commerce in 2010 when our International and Overnight divisions were growing rapidly and our existing supplier could not offer a system which was integrated with all the major carriers and wholesalers. We were immediately impressed with the “can do” approach and were delighted to find they spoke English as well as IT ! In 2014 it became inevitable that we would change our sameday software provider and Coda were the obvious choice. We had to move quickly and put them under enormous pressure. They worked tirelessly to accommodate us in some cases working through the night. We have diverse requirements but nothing we threw at them phased them or came back with a negative. They even integrated with “Larry” our unique auto despatch computer, enabling us to continue to auto allocate work, make journey time predictions and provide real time ETA’s.
Since moving our sameday operation to them in 2015 they have continued to support us and develop their solution. They have completed new API type integrations, and added a variety of enhancements to both their mobile data and the main system. They continue to work quickly and professionally, still speaking English and still retaining their sense of humour, a key ingredient in our business! I would have no hesitation in recommending them.”

Ian Oliver – CEO

“The overall benefits we hoped to achieve by implementing a new Operating System were not only met, but surpassed.

The ability to adapt the System to our requirements and your input to expand on these ideas before implementing them has been extremely refreshing and appreciated. The importance of your constant availability to deal with our queries quickly and efficiently cannot be understated.
The thought of changing from one courier system to another was a daunting prospect but with your assistance it was made reasonably straight forward and with little difficulty. We now regret not taking the opportunity sooner.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Coda Commerce and the Courier Navigator system to any of your potential clients or other companies within the industry.”

Paul O’Toole, Service & Quality Manager – Associated Air Services