Transport & Operations



Transport Screens

Courier Navigator transports screens incorporate our mobile handset tracking system to allow controllers direct access to real time driver positioning. Jobs can be quickly dispatched to drivers individually or jobs can be grouped together in to a collection run where drivers are collecting multiple parcels.

Upon driver allocation, job data is sent to the allocated drivers own mobile device.

As jobs progress through collection and delivery, colour coded indicators display in real time to controllers.

Transport screens are highly configurable and can be set up to be split by vehicle grouping, cover geographic areas, support multiple office environments. They are designed to match how your business manages driver allocations / collections / POB and deliveries for sameday despatch and overnight & international collections.

Vehicle Tracking

Clients who utilise our Courier Navigator Mobile application on Android or Windows Embedded devices are benefiting from the integrated GPS. Our Courier Navigator Mobile application can be set to track the driver up to every 10 seconds providing your controllers near real time visualisation of where each driver is throughout the day.


The Courier Navigator operational functions ensures jobs can be updated when they are returned to your warehouse by barcode scanning on the driver check-in screen. Consignments can be quickly updated with full address information, pieces and weight plus be manifested to the delivery agent on our verification screen. If required, you can also print thermal routing labels and dot-matrix airway bills at this time if a consignment has been returned with no paperwork. High volume couriers should look at our Courier Navigator Depot application for enhanced barcode scanning solutions.

Electronic Data Transfer

Courier Navigator uses its web enabled functionality to book shipments to manifested suppliers, heavily reducing the need to book jobs manually to their booking systems. Speak with us about our EDI Integrations, the carriers we are integrated with and discover how Courier Navigator can help make your operation more efficient.


Courier Navigator can raise multiple manifests per agent per day, this is a configurable aspect of the system and is therefore tailored to each clients needs. Manifests are raised in both printed and electronic formats.

AWB Printing

Dot-matrix printing is available for printing industry ply airwaybills, whether this is for pre-printing airwaybills to pass on to a client or printing jobs requiring paperwork.